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Placing Female Imagery of God in Christian Worship

Cracked Concrete Wall
Eliz Book cover scanned



Reveals the triumphs and struggles of contemporary Christian congregations to express female imagery of God in worship. 

Many Christians do not know the Bible contains female images of God… because they have never heard about them nor seen them in church. This book explains the scripture references as well as highlights contemporary Catholic and Protestant Christian congregations that successfully expand traditional understandings of God through use of female imagery in prayer and worship. 


Named one of the top 100 books on contemporary women's spirituality by the CIIS Women's Spirituality program.


Presenter for the Feminist Liberation Theologians’ Network Meeting (FLTN), American Academy of Religion Conference, 2015. The Network discussed the importance of art as a method for spiritual deepening and social justice. 

State University of New York (SUNY) Press 2014 


Elizabeth is available to meet with book groups, classes, and libraries who are reading her book in-person or via Zoom. Contact her HERE.

Recorded in Sedona, Arizona, this music was inspired by hikes in the red rocks and improvising world music after years of composing and performing as a classically trained pianist and cellist.

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