Behind the Music: Emergence

I grew up in a New England town where the first signs of spring were tiny white, purple and yellow crocus flowers. I was always astonished when I saw these crocus flowers emerging from snow-covered hills! My musical piece Emergence captures this feeling of celebration and triumph after much work and yearning.

When I recorded Emergence, I had one last track to create for the album Unspoken Touch. I was feeling the pressure because we were working under a deadline. I decided to compose something simple on the synthesizer because there wasn’t time to complete another piece with multiple audio tracks. When I sat at my keyboard, the music quickly took form. It began with ethereal swirls of sound that yielded to a repeating urgent bass note that grew louder and louder until it became support for a simple yet triumphant chordal melody. The track Emergence literally pushed the album out of the studio!

I guess I should not be surprised that others have connected with my experience of pushing through. Of all the tracks on Unspoken Touch, Emergence has been used the most for graduations and celebrations and I am delighted. It is a musical expression of hope and joy, an experience of what it feels like when whatever we long for and work towards has arrived!

My dear friend and talented photographer Cozy McFee created this VIDEO with springtime images of Sedona, Arizona.

Enjoy the video and happy spring!

Elizabeth Ursic

Leading creatively at the intersection of Scholarship, Spirituality & the Arts