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As a professor of Religious Studies, Elizabeth co-chairs the AAR and SBL Women’s Caucus. In addition to her PhD in Religious Studies, Elizabeth also has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and has served on multiple boards, mostly for non-profit and interfaith organizations. Elizabeth has taught world religions to over 5,000 students, and has been a visiting scholar, conference keynote, and guest lecturer at universities, seminaries, and cultural centers around the world. 

Cracked Concrete Wall



1000 Women in Religion is a major initiative I started with the AAR/SBL Women’s Caucus and supported by the American Theological Librarians Association and the Parliament of World Religions to raise awareness of women’s religious leadership using Wikipedia, the largest, most translatable, and free encyclopedia in the world.


I was inspired to start this initiative when I learned about Women-in-Red, a larger Wikipedia initiative to correct the fact that over 82% of Wikipedia biographies were about men. Women in science began the effort, and soon other groups formed to get women recognized in their fields. I approached the Women’s Caucus and we started 1000 Women in Religion to recognize women’s leadership across all the religions of the world. The project launched at the 2018 Parliament of World Religions. 

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